NovaCity, the integrated platform for a smart and sustainable city

Discover our innovative digital solutions for optimizing and harmonizing the various public services in your city. Reduce your operational costs, your energy consumption and participate in sustainable development.


With climate change, the pressure has never been more significant to find and implement solutions to reduce the footprint of human activity on the environment. Cities have an essential role to play in this context. Public lighting, for example, is responsible worldwide for 15% of electricity consumption for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Pollution in cities is constantly increasing in different forms: exhaust gas, noise, light pollution, etc. The first victims of this pollution are the citizens who see their quality of life gradually decrease.

Fortunately, there are solutions to curb these harmful effects. The arrival of new technologies such as the « Internet of Things » makes it possible, for example, to connect and make public infrastructures more efficient to reduce energy consumption and pollution. The NovaCity platform offers coherent business digitalization solutions for various public/industrial services in a city. It consists of software available in the Cloud or installed in the city's IT infrastructure and equipment connected through innovative network technology.

The key benefits of the NovaCity platform

The business solutions of the NovaCity platform aim to increase the efficiency of public infrastructure. In particular, they make it possible to measure and reduce energy consumption and road traffic, optimize infrastructure maintenance activities and offer new communication channels and new services to citizens.

Reduce the carbon footprint and pollution
Reduce operational costs
Increase interactions with citizens
Improve the quality of life

NovaCom, the Novaccess mesh network for a smart city

The NovaCom network enables equipment installed in the city to be connected to the Novaccess software platform. It is an innovative technology, robust, secure, and capable of scaling up to a town. Once deployed, the network can be reused to connect new solutions in the city.


Integrated solution

The NovaCity platform is a complete and coherent smart city answer that includes software, network gateways, and connected equipment. The solutions are out of the box and functional, and you thus reduce the number of devices and heterogeneous actors to federate and control your costs.

Easy to use business solutions

We have designed each platform component with and for each business. We have hidden the technical complexity so you can focus on the essentials.

Interoperability of solutions

Each industrial service in the city usually has its software. Within NovaCity, we have bound that different software in a single platform, such that the solutions can interoperate according to the configurations.

Simplified installation and maintenance

The NovaCity platform includes all the required components for the proper functioning of a set of solutions. It is thus no longer required to multiply the suppliers and plan complex integration projects to achieve a functional and coherent solution.

An open platform, adaptable to multi-manufacturer infrastructures

Open programming interfaces are available to connect the platform to other city software. In addition, new open Smart City protocols are emerging in the industry. They will allow multi-manufacturer and multi-application solutions to share the same network and interoperate (e.g., TALQ, uCIFI). Novaccess is at the heart of these initiatives.


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Smart City Platform

The NovaCity platform provides innovative digital solutions for the various public services of a city. These business solutions aim to optimize infrastructures to reduce energy consumption, reduce operational costs and improve the quality of life in the city. The platform integrates the latest industrial standards, thus promoting the integration of a varied set of multi-manufacturer equipment.