About Novaccess

Novaccess provides cities and industries with digital solutions enabling them to offer more comfort and operate more efficiently while contributing to sustainable development.

Introducing Novaccess

Novaccess was funded at the end of 2011 as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Western-Switzerland (HES-SO). The Novaccess team of engineers has all the complementary skills to create secure vertical applications in the Industrial Internet of Things, especially smart cities and buildings. As a result, the technology developed by Novaccess ranges from embedded systems, hardware/electronics, radio frequencies, firmware, network protocols and infrastructure, software, cloud computing, and mobile applications. Novaccess offers cities and industries innovative remote management solutions that provide more comfort to people and operate more efficiently while contributing to sustainable development.

Our values

Work with passion, loyalty, and honesty
Meeting the needs of our customers
Offer innovative technologies and solutions

Notre équipe

Hervé Dedieu


Yannick Iseli


T +41 79 701 90 00

Jean-Philippe Rey

Technical Manager

Divina Rodriguez

Sales and administrative assistant

Romain Faillétaz

Team leader – embedded software

Michel Wahlen

Team leader – software

Guy Benoit

Software engineer

Antoine Oulevay

DevOps / infrastructure engineer

Billy Allenspach

Workshop supervisor

Alexandre Dubuis

Support technician

T +41 79 844 14 00


Very concerned by the quality of its solutions, Novaccess deploys special efforts in this area and is ISO-9001 certified.