Volumetric dimming of street lighting in St.Gallen

The St. Gallen public utility installs our traffic-dependent street lighting dimming solution!

Since this winter, the St. Gallen public utilities have implemented our traffic-dependent street lighting dimming solution in the streets “Oberstrasse” and “Ahornstrasse”.

Based on two traffic counters (Doppler radars), the lighting of these streets is dimmed according to the traffic volume. The two streets are divided into three zones controlled by the NovaLight software with distinct parameters.

Traffic counters are located at the Oberstrasse/Vonwilstrasse intersection and allow counting passing vehicles and dimming street lighting in real time. The volumetric dimming allows for significant energy savings while ensuring that the lighting level is sufficient thanks to dynamic adaptation to the traffic situation.

The traffic-dependent dimming of lighting complies with current standards and the recommendations of SLG 202. It generates energy savings of about 40% and reduces light pollution accordingly. The great advantage of volumetric dimming is that the light levels can be adjusted dynamically, without the need to install a motion sensor on each light pole. This solution is particularly suitable for main roads in communities and cities with irregular traffic flows.

This system is integrated with the NovaLight software management platform, where the various operating parameters can be easily modified remotely. The software also allows for the measurement of energy savings.