Smart street lighting solution

NovaLight is a complete solution for the remote management of public lighting. With NovaLight, cities can drastically reduce the energy consumption of their streetlights’ fleets. Cities can thus significantly reduce their environmental footprint while generating significant financial savings.


Control your infrastructure
Thanks to the NovaLight solution, you can control and monitor each light point in real-time and remotely from centralized software. It is possible at any time and with a few clicks to check the state of public lighting, be automatically alerted in the event of malfunctions, or to reconfigure equipment or check energy consumption and savings.
Achieve substantial energy savings
Thanks to NovaLight, you can regulate street lighting more finely and adaptively. You can thus illuminate only where and when you need it with adequate light output levels. The energy savings are significant, in the order of 35% to 80% depending on how you decide to operate. In addition, you can drastically reduce light pollution. NovaLight thus participates in sustainable development.
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Increase operational efficiency
Thanks to remote management, lighting engineers can be much more efficient in their daily operations. They can remotely reconfigure the equipment, for example, in the event of complaints from citizens, automatically detect lighting malfunctions or even switch on the lighting during the day after a maintenance operation.
Offer more comfort and safety
While NovaLight makes it possible to reduce the luminous intensity of streetlights, it guarantees adequate illumination for a good level of safety. Thinner and more adaptive settings can produce better lighting quality and thus provide a better experience for drivers and pedestrians. In addition, it is possible to reconfigure the equipment at any time.
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Prepare for the smart city
Prepare for the smart city. We developed the NovaLight solution based on the open standards of the Internet. In addition, it is evolving with emerging “Smart City” protocols that guarantee interoperability between street lighting remote management solutions from different manufacturers and other smart city solutions.
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Estimate the energy savings you can achieve with the NovaLight solution.

NovaLight's strengths

Robust network technology and servers
Open Smart City Protocols
High level of security
Wide range of controllers
Evolving solution
Robust network technology and servers
Open Smart City Protocols
High level of security
Wide range of controllers
Evolving solution


A wide range of state-of-the-art lighting controllers: a unique ecosystem in Europe

A wide range of controllers are available depending on your needs and use cases. Several types of installations are foreseen: on the heads of luminaires (standardized sockets), on poles, or offset on cables or walls. Connected in real-time to centralized software, these controllers can control the switching on and intensity of the streetlights to retrieve information on correct operation and consumption. They apply dimming profiles (changing the power depending on the hours of the night). In addition, some controllers are equipped with motion detectors to dim the lighting dynamically. It is also possible to vary a complete street according to the traffic levels measured by a counting radar. It is important to note that we manufacture our NovaLight controllers in Switzerland.


NovaLight enables the establishment of a Smart City network in the city

The NovaCom network enables devices installed within the city to exchange data with the software platform. It allows the deployment of an innovative, robust, and secure network that can scale up to the whole town. The NovaLight solution is strategic for setting up this network since it grants an access point to each installed streetlight. As the lights are pervasive within the city, NovaCom thus de facto creates a canvas across the city canopy that we can reuse to connect new solutions.

Dimming strategies

Scheduled dimming

The scheduled dimming makes it possible to vary the intensity of the lights according to a schedule. Daily profiles are thus defined and planned for a geographical area, one or more days of the week, and a year.

30 to 40% energy savings

Dynamic dimming

The dynamic reduction allows the most remarkable light power reduction, up to 80% depending on the settings. The lighting intensity is dimmed based on infrared sensors installed on each streetlight as soon as no road user is detected. Dynamic lighting is ideally suited for residential areas or streets with a driving speed of up to 50km/h.

60 to 80% energy savings

Volumetric dimming

The volumetric dimming strategy allows the lighting intensity control of roads according to the traffic measured in real-time by a Doppler radar. If the traffic density on a specific street drops below certain thresholds, all the corresponding street lighting is accordingly reduced. This solution is a good compromise between dynamic lighting requiring the installation of sensors on each lamppost and planned lighting, which does not vary dynamically.

40 to 50% energy savings

NovaCity, the integrated platform for a smart and sustainable city

NovaLight is an integral part of the NovaCity platform, which provides innovative digital solutions for the various public services of a town. These business solutions aim to optimize infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, reduce operational costs and improve the quality of life in the city. The platform integrates the latest industrial standards, thus promoting the integration of a varied set of multi-manufacturer equipment.


Smart street lighting software

The centralized NovaLight software allows remote management and monitoring of a public lighting installation. It is available out of the box in the cloud or can be installed in the city’s IT infrastructure.


Main streets

During peak traffic hours, the main roads in the city should be well lit. Based on time schedules or traffic counters during the night, the intensity can be reduced to save energy.

Residential areas

Lighting in residential areas is sensitive because it can disturb residents. With dynamic dimming, the lighting can be dimmed as soon as people have returned home.

Car parking

Parking lots are places where people come and go straight away, leaving their car alone for hours. Energy savings are significant if the lighting is dynamically activated only when a presence is detected.

Public places

With NovaLight, you can create scenes where the intensity of the lights is defined. You can activate these scenes from software or via buttons available on site. NovaLight makes it possible, for example, to turn off the lighting during fireworks.

Transport infrastructure

Dynamic lighting with presence detection is particularly interesting for transport infrastructures such as train/bus stations, ports, or petrol stations. These facilities are often empty overnight and must light up as soon as someone arrives.

Sports facilities

The "scenes" functionality offers a practical solution to vary the lighting of sports facilities according to the game situations (leisure, training, matches, etc.). You can activate these scenes from software or via buttons available on site.


Existing LED street lights can be retrofitted with intelligent control even if they are not equipped with a standard connector. For this purpose, a controller can be installed on the pole and connected to the control interface of the light from the hatch.


Our team is at your entire disposal to help you install the solution in your city (software installation, network installation, installation of controllers). We also offer training for installers and users.


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NovaLight - Smart public lighting solution

NovaLight is a smart outdoor lighting solution. While streetlights traditionally remained at 100% capacity all night, NovaLight can reduce light intensity according to traffic density. Several dimming strategies are possible such as hourly programming, infrared motion sensors, or vehicle counting with Doppler radars. The energy savings achieved are measured, and NovaLight can reduce energy consumption by 30 to 80% depending on the use case. The solution also offers the possibility of detecting malfunctions, thus avoiding regular visual tours in the city.