Public lighting remote management software

NovaLight Software is the centralized software platform for the NovaLight street lighting remote management system. In direct connection with objects in the field, it offers control and monitoring functions. NovaLight software can be installed in the Novaccess cloud or the customer’s IT infrastructure.

It integrates a “network server” which maintains real-time connections with the NovaLight gateways in the field. Connections are made either by the cellular network (3G) or via Ethernet. NovaLight software is available through a standard web browser.

Map and inventory

The controllers and electrical cabinets are visible on an interactive map which gives a lighting infrastructure overview. Several types of cards are available. You can easily retrieve any equipment item starting from its map location to review its status. An inventory also lists the equipment present in the system.

Dimming zones

The dimming configuration is carried out based on geographic areas. These zones allow you to select one or more streets, parks, or neighborhoods that share similar lighting settings. In addition, it is possible to superimpose zones by prioritizing them.

Scheduled dimming profiles

You can easily configure dimming profiles thanks to the NovaLight software. For each hour of the night, you can define an intensity ratio level to be applied to the lampposts in advance. This programmed saving strategy is the first strategy available in NovaLight for dimming major roads lighting where traffic statistics are generally well-known.

Dynamic dimming profiles

For residential areas where it is difficult to predict the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, dynamic dimming gives you the capability to configure a low level of lighting intensity when the street is empty and a high-level one when a presence is detected.

Volumetric dimming profiles

You can dim the lighting of significant roads according to the traffic levels measured by a counting radar. This strategy is an excellent compromise between scheduled dimming and dynamic dimming through presence detection at the light point. It gives optimized results in terms of energy savings by lighting the road according to the proper traffic needs.


Programs are a powerful dimming configuration tool. You can choose which profiles to use according to the days of the week. You can activate or not the lighting by the astronomical clock. You can also configure the dimming strategies according to the hours of the day (planned, dynamic or volumetric).

Power consumption and savings

The controllers measure the energy consumption of streetlights. It is thus possible to analyze the consumption but also the savings made thanks to the solution. You can also recover instantaneous electrical measurements such as current, voltage, frequency, active power, and power factor.

Fault detection

The controllers can detect the malfunction of a luminaire. The information is then transmitted in real-time to the centralized system to notify users.

Power control

The gateway control outputs can be used for remote control. They make it possible, for example, to force the engagement of a streetlight segment during the day after a maintenance operation for verification purposes.

Mobile application

The NovaLight mobile application enables the commissioning of controllers in the field. The aim is to speed up this procedure as much as possible to limit costs. In particular, it makes it possible to identify a product based on a QR Code scan, position it on a map using the phone’s GPS, and test the installation using manual intensity modification commands or taking measurements.

Commissioning of controllers and gateways
Equipment location
Field tests

The strengths of the software

Simple access via a web browser
Easy to use
Multi supports
Easy management with geographical zones
Profiles scheduling per day of the week
Sleek design
Simple access via a web browser
Easy to use
Multi supports
Easy management with geographical zones
Profiles scheduling per day of the week
Sleek design

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