NovaCom Network
A smart wireless mesh network

Novaccess communication technology relies on open standards and protocols of the Industrial Internet of Things. The latest routing information protocols are the engines of our Novacom communication modules that can scale robustly and support significant traffic load increases. The Novacom network has been designed for high-density mesh networks, and as such, it will make street lighting the backbone of a smart-city network.


Robust and scalable network
Withstands high densities and can scale a city
Dynamic routing
Mesh network dynamically finds routes and avoids saturated areas
Encrypted data
Data encryption with AES-256 security key
Integrity check
Authenticity and data integrity guaranteed
Remote update through the network of objects (software) to ensure the scalability and security of the solution
Embedded security mechanisms
Even if the central server is compromised, the system must work


The "Network Server" for the mesh networks of Smart cities

The centralized NovaServer software manages the connectivity of the objects. It is available out of the box in the cloud or can be installed in the city’s IT infrastructure.

NovaCity, the integrated platform for a smart and sustainable city

The NovaCity platform provides innovative digital solutions for the various public services of a city. These business solutions aim to optimize infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, reduce operational costs and improve the quality of life in the city. The platform integrates the latest industrial standards, thus promoting the integration of a varied set of multi-manufacturer equipment.

NovaCom Network - Smart City Network

The NovaCom network is a wireless network specializing in connecting equipment for the Smart City; built upon the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, i.e., a low-speed, low-power sub-gigahertz (868 MHz) network. It settles in a city by deploying dedicated network gateways. It is a mesh network where each connected object contributes to the growth of the network by offering a relaying function to other industrial objects/things up to the gateways. The NovaCom network is not limited to street lighting but can be reused for other Smart City applications.