The NovaCom network gateway and electrical cabinet controller

The NovaCity Gateway is the communication gateway for the NovaCom network. NovaCom is a low-speed, low-power wireless network specializing in the connectivity of Smart City equipment. The NovaCity Gateway is in direct communication (via 3G / 2G or Ethernet) with the NovaServer, the NovaCom network’s orchestrator.

The gateway also has input/output contacts that you can use to monitor or control third-party devices. In addition to its role as a network gateway, it also becomes an electrical cabinet controller.

In short

IEEE 802.15.4 868MHz NovaCom
Low-data-rate and low consumption
4 input contacts / 4 output contacts
Remote reprogramming
Made in Switzerland


NovaCom Mesh Wireless Router

The primary function of the NovaCity Gateway is to act as an access point for the NovaCom network. It is a low-data-rate, low-power wireless network specifically designed for connecting Smart City devices. The gateway can manage up to 256 devices. Note that thanks to the mesh network, the devices do not all need to be within range of the NovaCity Gateway. Indeed, the network objects communicate and relay messages to extend network coverage. The connection to the centralized software is made either by a cellular network (3G / 2G) or wired (Ethernet).

NovaCom network access point
3G/2G/Ethernet connectivity
Connection of 256 devices

Output contacts

The NovaCity Gateway is equipped with four output contacts, allowing third-party equipment control. These contacts can be used, for example, to control the engagement of a power contactor of an electrical segment or to send an electrical signal to a device. You can activate these contacts by the remote management software or the mobile application.

4 output contacts
Control from the online software

Input contacts

Thanks to the NovaCity Gateway, you also can monitor input contacts from third-party equipment. For example, you can close a dry contact when a device is faulty, when a threshold has been exceeded or when a device is powered. A notification is sent to the remote management platform as soon as a change occurs on the digital input. For example, these inputs are used by the NovaLight solution when switches are connected to trigger public lighting scenes. With the volumetric dimming of the lighting, road traffic is also counted using a Doppler radar connected to an entrance to the bridge.

4 input contacts
Monitoring from online software

Remote reprogramming

The NovaCity Gateway can be updated remotely from the NovaServer software for managing the NovaCom network. The gateway also acts as an intermediary for reprogramming objects connected to the network. Remote updating is an essential feature to ensure the system’s sustainability in terms of functionality and security.

Remote update of the gateway
Remote update of objects in the network

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NovaCity Gateway, the gateway for the NovaCom Smart-City wireless network

The NovaCity Gateway is the communication gateway for the NovaCom network. It is a low-speed, low-power wireless Smart City network. It is exceptionally robust due to the frequency used (sub gigahertz 868 MHz) and its meshed operation. Each object contributes to the growth of the network by relaying messages to the gateways. The NovaCity Gateway also offers remote monitoring and control functions thanks to its generic inputs/outputs.

Dimensions (mm) : 98(H)*157(L)*86(P)
Weight : 250g

The NovaCity Gateway is fixed on a 35mm DIN rail (DIN 43880) with a length of 9 units, or approximately 160mm. You also need a 230VAC / 24VDC power supply which is not included as standard but available as an option if necessary. The upper part of the box has four sockets: a 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet LAN socket, an SMA antenna port for the 3G / 2G network, a female DB9 socket for an RS-232 serial configuration cable, and an antenna port SMA for the wireless mesh network.

Environmental parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Operating temperature -30 +75 °C
Operating humidity 10 90 %RH
Degree of protection IP30
Impact protection IK09

The basic wiring of the NovaCity Gateway consists of installing the antennas (cellular and mesh) and the 24VDC power supply on terminals number 4 (24VDC) and 5 (GND). Please note that the cellular antenna must be mounted even if the Ethernet LAN interface is used. Note that the 230VAC-24VDC power supply is not included as standard with the product but is available as an option if necessary.

Electrical parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Input voltage 10 24 38 VDC
Power consumption 1 1.5 2.5 W
Cellular network : 3G/2G
Ethernet : IEEE 802.3 10/100Mbps
Radio frequency : IEEE 802.15.4 868MHz NovaCom

The gateway is an access point to the NovaCom mesh topology, low-data-rate, low power wireless network. Mesh topology implies that the communication network initially generated by the NovaLight Gateway can be extended by all the objects connected to it (signals relayed by the objects). Objects can also exchange messages directly with each other. NovaLight uses, in particular this direct exchange mechanism, to create light paths with dynamic lighting.

Radio frequency parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Frequency 869.525 MHz
Bit rate 38.4 kbps
Power 100 mW
Sensitivity -104 dBm
Range 150 600 meters
Mark CE (RED)
EMC EN 301 489-3
SRD EN 300 220-1/-2
Safety EN 60950-1
Cellular EN 301 511, EN 301 908-1/-2
Product name Reference
NovaCity Gateway 3G/2G/LAN NC-G-023NCE
Technical documents
Frequently asked questions
How to install the NovaCity Gateway?

The NovaCity Gateway is mounted on a 35mm DIN rail. It requires a 24VDC power supply which Novaccess can povide as an option. The power supply must be connected using two wires on the terminals of the Gateway. Before switching on, the antennas must be mounted on the box. The cellular antenna is generally smaller than the NovaCom wireless mesh network antenna. Depending on the location of the installation of the NovaCity Gateway, it is possible to deport an antenna if necessary. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

How to commission a NovaCity Gateway?

Once installed, you must configure the NovaCity Gateway to reach the remote management platform. These include specifying the server URL, configuring the Ethernet (by default, automatic DHCP addressing), or cellular interface. Usually, the gateway is delivered pre-configured. If necessary, it can be configured using a USB-serial cable and the Novaccess Device Center software available from our technical support.

You must also register the NovaCity Gateway with the online software to be allowed to be connected. You can achieve this registration using the NovaLight mobile application or the software. However, the mobile application makes it easier to retrieve the product serial number by simply scanning the barcode visible on the product label.

I have SIM cards; can I use them in the NovaCity Gateway?

Yes. The NovaCity Gateway requires a SIM card in 2FF format. The SIM card is located inside the case. Installing a SIM card requires configuring the gateway using a USB-serial cable and the Novaccess Device Center software available from our technical support. The required settings are the APN, PIN code, and the username and password for the APN if needed.

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