New version of our NovaLight mobile application

With its new design and expanded functionality, the new version of our mobile app makes it easier to install our intelligent street lighting controllers in the field.

The NovaLight mobile app is an essential tool for field installers to commission our solution. It effectively allows new light points to be registered in the software by locating them, thanks to the phone’s GPS module, and by scanning the barcodes of the luminaire controllers. This operation is costly and must be done in a minimum of time. The application must therefore be as ergonomic and efficient as possible. It is with this objective in mind that, for this new year of 2023, our “NovaLight app” has undergone a complete facelift!

First of all, the general design of the application has been refreshed in order to offer the best possible user experience. A side menu has been added to facilitate navigation as well as multiple functionalities. For example, an accelerated commissioning procedure has been introduced. The latter reduces the number of steps required to register a light point by reproducing the parameters used by a previously created point (e.g. a first street light). The maps have also been improved with the possibility to display different types of maps and data layers. Thanks to this feature, it is for example possible to display the geographical sectors of a project on a map. A list of these sectors is also available.

A new inventory section has also been added. It contains a complete list of equipment (lighting controllers, gateways, light points, electrical cabinets, traffic counters). Incidents are now visible on the streetlight page in order to directly solve malfunctions in the field. A list of notifications is also available to check the connection/disconnection of objects and the detection of malfunctions.

This is only a glimpse of the features that have been introduced in this new version but there are others such as a scanner allowing to quickly access an equipment by scanning its barcode. If the application is initially dedicated to installers, the addition of these different functionalities offers also an interesting tool for any type of user of the NovaLight solution!