For its 10th anniversary, Novaccess is getting a makeover!

Novaccess is proud to present its brand-new website and its new colors.

Better promote our solutions, present their applications and challenges

Decarbonization is more than ever at the center of our concerns. This new site aims at explaining the environment in which our solutions and our vision fit in. We thus describe how our Smart City platform provides pragmatic solutions for the sustainable development of cities. The applications of our solutions are multiple; we detail them on this new site for better comprehension. You will thus discover, for example, how NovaLight can be used to reduce the energy consumption of public lighting in a small town or a large town, a large cross street, a residential area, or even a sports pitch.

Keep you informed of our news and offer you value-added content

Thanks to this new website, we can create different content dynamically. We can now keep you informed of our news in addition to our social networks but with more complete articles. We will also offer white papers in the future to cover more technical topics. Finally, to ensure that our future customers can better project themselves, we will publish several case studies of our solutions’ deployment and our customer’s feedback.

An additional tool for customer support

We offer you all our data sheets in a new support section, a list of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ), and a form to contact our support team directly. On each product page, a new “Detailed information” tab also lists the technical characteristics of our products, order references, technical sheets, and a specific FAQ.

We look forward to your visit!