Dynamic lighting in Güttingen

The municipality of Güttingen equips itself with our dynamic lighting solution.

The municipality of Güttingen, with IBG Engineering AG as engineering office, has been using our dynamic lighting solution in the harbor since this fall. Zhaga motion sensors (D4i) are installed directly under the street lights heads and detect the passage of people and boats. Our system automatically increases the light intensity in case of movement and then reduces it to a basic lighting level of e.g. 15%. This reduces considerably the average intensity, and thus the average power, of the luminaires.

With dynamic dimming, the lighting is only fully switched on when necessary. This results in energy savings of about 75% and a corresponding reduction in light pollution. This solution is particularly suitable for low-traffic neighborhood streets and bike paths.

This system is integrated with the NovaLight software management platform, where the various operating parameters can be easily modified remotely. The software also allows the verification of energy savings measured on site.