New inventory data management tool

For each object in the inventory, fill in a list of fully configurable business fields

When a project is commissioned in NovaLight, an inventory is created. This inventory contains, among other things, a list of street lights, electrical cabinets and traffic counters. Until now, the fields available on the pages of these objects were limited to the remote control features offered by the tool. However, there is a multitude of interesting business information to be filled in. NovaLight’s new inventory data management tool now allows our users to define a list of business fields to be filled in for each type of object. These fields can be classified by categories and sub-categories, which are also configurable. Several types of fields are available such as a number, a text, a date or a multiple-choice list. If a list of fields is proposed by default, it can be fully configured by the user to best meet his particular needs. These fields can then be filled in for an object or a group of objects and are visible on their page. You are free to create the fields that interest you: details of the light source or driver, luminaire model, warranty expiry date, date of the last mechanical inspection, etc.!