OLC Wall

The intelligent outdoor light controller for facades

The OLC Wall is a light controller. It is straightforward to install on the front thanks to its stainless-steel support and allows, in particular, the adaptation of the light intensity of a luminaire. It controls the luminaire via a DALI or 1-10V interface (to be specified when ordering).

The OLC Wall connects to remote management software via a wireless network. You can also use it to control an outdoor outlet in on/off mode, such as decorative lighting.

In short


Streetlight control

The controller communicates with the luminaire ballast via a 1-10V or DALI interface (to be specified when ordering). While the 1-10V only allows light intensity reduction, the DALI interface offers additional features such as failure detection by the ballast.


Streetlight switching

You can switch on the controller either by using a traditional centralized remote control or thanks to a constant power supply. In the first case, the controller switches on simultaneously as the luminaire; it then starts the application of the configured dimming profiles. The astronomical clock built into the controller plays a central role in the second case. This clock computes the sunset, and sunrise times, according to the streetlight coordinates and the date. On this astronomical basis, you also can incorporate sunset and sunrise offsets depending on the observations made in the field.

Compatible with a centralized remote control
Integrated astronomical clock


Light intensity reduction profiles can be configured easily on the remote management software and are synchronized to the controller via the wireless network.

Scheduled dimming
Dynamic dimming
Volumetric dimming

Energy measurements

The integrated energy meter enables measurements of energy consumption and savings. In addition, instantaneous measurements can be retrieved on request: frequency, voltage, current, power, and power factor. You can store the measurements in remote management software for analysis.

Instant electrical measurements
Consumption measurement
Calculation of savings

Fault detection

The luminaire controller continuously monitors electrical parameters, luminaire operating status, configuration, or communication faults. These faults are detected either directly by the luminaire controller or by the luminaire drivers (be careful, the use of DALI control mode is required).

Electrical faults
Lamp faults
Configuration or communication faults

Power control

The controller is equipped with a power relay and can thus cut off power to the lamp when needed while maintaining the communication network functional for other applications.

max 600W
Control interface
Light gray or dark gray

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Outdoor streetlight controller to be installed on the facade

The NovaLight OLC Wall is a streetlight controller with wall mounting. It allows, through different strategies, to dim public lighting when road occupancy decreases and thus achieve significant energy savings. These savings can be measured using the integrated energy meter. In addition, lighting faults are automatically detected and sent to centralized remote management software via a wireless network.

Product features

Dimensions (mm) : 143(H)*120(l)*72(P)
Weight : 400gr

The controller is made of anti-UV PC / ASA plastic and grade V0. It includes a wall mounting bracket integral with the housing, which is pre-assembled at the factory and cannot be removed. The aluminum fixing has side legs pierced with oblong perpendicular holes offering a range of adjustment. Screws (M4), washers, ink pads are not supplied with the controller.

Environmental parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Operating temperature -30 +75 °C
Operating humidity 10 90 %RH
Degree of protection IP66
Impact protection IK09
Integrated DALI power supply : 50mA

The controller comes with two factory pre-assembled 70-centimeter cables. The power supply to the controller is 230VAC supplied by a first cable, then returned to supply the luminaires with the second cable. The electrical phase of the luminaire must be derived by the streetlight controller if the power input does not exceed 600W.

Electrical parameters Min Type Max Unité
Input voltage 85 230 264 VAC
Frequency 47 50 70 Hz
Maximum charging power - - 600 W
Average consumption 1 1.5 2.5 W
Controller Symbol Color Cable 1 Cable 2
Input phase Li Braun Input phase Luminaire phase
Neutral N Blue Neutral Neutral
Earth PE Black Protective earth Earth for the luminaire
DALI+ D+ Pink - DALI+
DALI- D- Purple - DALI-
Radio frequency : IEEE 802.15.4 868MHz NovaCom

The controller is connected to centralized software via a low-data-rate, low-power, mesh-topology wireless network. A mesh topology implies that the communication network initially generated by a NovaLight Gateway access point/router/gateway can be extended by all the connected controllers (signals relayed by the controllers). Controllers can also exchange messages directly with each other. This mechanism is used in particular to create light paths with dynamic lighting.

Parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Frequency 869.525 MHz
Bit rate 38.4 kbps
Power 100 mW
Sensitivity -104 dBm
Range 150 600 meters
Mark CE (RED)
EMC EN 301 489-3
SRD EN 300 220-1/-2
Safety EN 60950-1

This product is available in different variations. Two colors are available: steel gray (RAL7040) or anthracite gray (RAL7015). To order, you must select the control mode. Depending on the possibilities of the streetlight drivers, you must choose either 1-10V or DALI (to be preferred if possible).

Novalight OLC Wall DALI NL-OLCW-L-LG-010 NL-OLCW-L-DG-010
Novalight OLC Wall 1-10V NL-OLCW-LZ-LG-010 NL-OLCW-LZ-DG-010
Technical documents
Frequently asked questions
How to install the NovaLight OLC Wall?

Installing this controller on the facade is straightforward. You must determine the location by considering the length of the cables and the electrical connection technique. Once you place the product from the front, mark the areas of the holes that you will have to drill. Once you have prepared the holes and have adjusted the mounting, you can attach the product to the wall. The two oblongs allow the orientation of the product for precise alignment with the facade lines. The cable comprises five wires (input phase, neutral, output phase, depending on the model: DALI + / DALI- or GND / 1-10V). The connection is made through the mast hatch to bypass the streetlight power to perform energy measurements and power control.

How to commission the NovaLight OLC Wall?

You must register the NovaLight OLC Wall in the remote management software to be operational. To do this, we recommend that you use the NovaLight mobile application, which allows you to select/create a light point, scan the product barcode required for its registration, and enter the product details. Once you have referenced the controller in the software on its light point icon, as soon as the lighting infrastructure and the NovaLight Gateway router are powered on, the controller can connect to the remote management software to receive its configuration.

Can the NovaLight OLC Wall control non-LED luminaires?

Yes, but only with the electrical power on/off mode control. It will make it possible to measure the energy consumption of the light point, to manage its switching on / off, but will not allow dimming. It is also necessary to verify that the luminaire meets the electrical limits of the controller.

How do I know if the product is working?

The ideal approach is to verify proper operation through the remote management platform, either through the web interface or mobile application. When the streetlight and the network are switched on, it is possible to make instant manual checks. If you remotely change the light intensity and check the energy data, you can certify that the dimming control is working correctly. On-site and during the day, the controller will switch on the streetlight. However, this depends on the configuration of the dimming schedule. For example, the program can have the astronomical clock function activated, which will switch off the lights during the day.

Can this controller manage multiple streetlights?

The controller can perform diagnostics for up to 12 different streetlights on the DALI bus. In terms of intensity control, the controller will only transmit general commands that will impact all lights uniformly, whether in DALI or 1-10V.

Can the NovaLight OLC Wall apply volumetric or dynamic dimming?

Yes. Thanks to the NovaLight OLC Wall, you can implement a volumetric dimming strategy. Regarding dynamic dimming, i.e., based on motion detection, this controller does not include detectors but can react to detections from other controllers that offer motion detection. Therefore, external motion detection sensors can upgrade the NovaLight OLC Wall as a dynamic lighting device.

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