Traffic volume-dependent lighting in Rheineck

The city of Rheineck installs our volumetric lighting solution.

The city of Rheineck, supported by the canton of St. Gallen, has been using our volumetric lighting solution on Appenzellerstrasse since this summer.

A radar system installed on a lamppost counts the number of vehicles passing by and calculates the hourly traffic volume. Our system then lowers the light intensity of the luminaires in real time by comparing the measured volume with a maximum volume planned for the street. It is then possible to reduce the intensity of the luminaires, and thus the power of the luminaires, when the traffic decreases.

Compatible with current regulations and SLG recommendation 202, volumetric dimming generates energy savings of about 50% and reduces light pollution by the same amount. The great advantage of volumetric lighting is that it allows dynamic adjustment of lighting levels without having to install a motion detector on each light pole. The solution is particularly suitable for major roads in towns and cities with irregular traffic flows.

The system is integrated into the NovaLight software management platform, where the various operating parameters can be easily modified remotely. The software also allows the verification of energy savings measured in the field.